Pat Cox, the President of the European Movement International took part in a conference organised by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, entitled “Restart the next 50 years in the EU” and addressed the audience with a speech on the importance of  European values for further European integration. The event took place in the parliament and was opened by Ms Katalin Szili, the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament.
Key Hungarian Civil Society leaders, journalists, communication specialists and politicians attended the event and discussed three main issues related to the future of the EU: education, media and NGOs. 



 Pat Cox

On this occasion, Mr Cox met the members of the European Movement Hungary and the Hungarian European Society for an informal debate on EU issues.


The conference was available for viewing online on

A poster exhibition entitled ‘Fifty years of Europe’ could be also visited on the venue of the conference.


It was a great honour to have been invited by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to be one of the presenters and members on the educational panel. Our section focused on issues such as: What topics are the young interested in, concerning the EU? EU in the Hungarian National Curriculum. Best practices in teaching EU and active citizenship.

As the Hungarian pedagogigal adviser for Spring Day for Europe I seized the opportunity to talk about the Spring Day project and the way it can help bring the European dimension into schools.

educational sector

Seven students of mine also had the opportunity to participate in this great whole day event.

with my students

In the morning the plenary talks discussed the values of the last and the next 50 years in Europe and besides Pat Cox,  the plenary presenters who shared their views on the topic were the following: Mr Péter Balázs, university professor at Central European University and Ms Eszter Babarczy, writer-publicist, Ms Kinga Gal, member of the European Parliament and Xaver Varnus, organist. The moderator was Mr Tamás Halm, Chair of the Economic and Social Council.

Following the afternoon session we gathered once again in the magnificient chamber and listened to the summaries of the parallel section presentations and discussions as well as the recommendations of the education, the media and the NGOs section.


Then the conference came to a closure – Szilveszter Vizi E., president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences delivered the closing speech.

But the day did not ended because then came the real celebration!!!

We ate from the special birthday cake and drank champagne and by clinking glasses we wished each other a happy and prosperous EU for the next 50 years.

birthday cake